October 10, 2018

There is much discussion these days about leaders and managers.  According to popular teaching, leaders have the vision and set goals for people or organizations to follow.  Managers handle the day-to-day marshaling of resources under their charge.  In the Christian life, God is the leader of our lives, our families, and our churches.  God sets the direction; He establishes the priorities; He provides the resources.  We are the managers.  We take what He gives us and do with it as He directs.

The biblical term for leader is Lord.  As our Lord, Christ has the authority to reveal the direction for our lives.  As Lord, He chooses our careers, leads us to our marriage partners, and helps us set our daily priorities.  We are to be good managers of the mind, body, and spiritual life He gives.  He is the Lord of our families.  He knows what is best for our children.  He knows how to make marriages strong.  Our responsibility is to obey Him as He leads our families to Christlikeness.  Christ is the Lord of our church.  He takes responsibility for expanding it (Matt. 16:18; 1 Cor. 12:18).  Only He knows what is best for our church.  Our task is to faithfully perform the role He assigns us.

October 10th, Experiencing God Day-By-Day, Blackaby